Wow! This Video of a Baby in Its Amniotic Sac Is a Must-Watch | Parents

The video captures a rare case of a baby born with its amniotic sac still intact.

Ever wonder what it would look like if a baby was delivered inside its amniotic sac—you know, that bag of clear fluid inside the womb where the fetus grows and develops?

In most cases, the amniotic sac breaks on its own during birth—a.k.a. “water breaking”—but not this time! In this case, the sac was still completely intact with the baby curled up inside. Pretty amazing—and rare. In fact, the phenomenon happens during only one in every 80,000 births!

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And you’re in luck, because there’s actually a video of the incredible moment—and it’s been viewed on Facebook more than five millions times since it was first shared on August 8.

“Closing the night with a delivery inside the amniotic sac,” reads the post on the Assessoria Mamãe – Instituto maternity clinic page. “Have you ever heard? Amniotic childbirth is when the sac doesn’t break. Beautiful to see huh?”

Beautiful, yes. And also a little strange, I have to admit, but still completely fascinating. Because the sac is transparent, you can actually see the baby hanging out inside with the blue umbilical cord, breathing and moving around. And apparently he’s not in any danger in that tiny enclosed space, because according to the post, he is still getting oxygen through the cord. Plus, the fluid helps cushion him.

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The miracle of childbirth never ceases to amaze. A huge thank you to the family for letting us be a part of their child’s incredible birth. Congratulations on the arrival of your big, beautiful, healthy baby!

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