Winter picnic and farmers’ markets


Perhaps you think you can’t do this, but you totally can. We left home at 9am and were back home again at 6pm. Doable, right? Kinda like heading off to work for the day. Except it’s really NOT work. It’s FUN!

I’m totally getting this road trip caper sorted out. After last week’s less than amazing pub lunch, we wised up and headed to the Woodend Farmer’s Market to buy some provisions (and then to the local deli and  IGA in Daylesford for a bit of a top up in the sausage department!) And we had a lakeside BBQ with cups of tea and ducks and warm coats and heaps of delicious snacks.

I’m really a bit of a cafe girl, but something about busy weekend cafes makes me MUCH prefer a DIY kind of BBQ-slash-picnic instead.  No waiting for tables. No trying to navigate the menu without spending our life savings. No harried waiters. No gritty salad. Yes! Instead you can cook your own sausages and sample local produce and take in the scenery with plenty of room to move and with a bit of coin left over for a late afternoon latte and a slice of cake. Win!

I wanted to show you how easy it is to have a quick day trip to the country and a DIY lunch.

Apart from lakeside picnicking and farmer’s marketing, we did some shopping at The Mill (they have two BIG shops in Daylesford). We had a rummage at the Lake Daylesford Book Barn.  We dropped into the Daylesford Farmer’s Market (TWO markets in one day! Oh my!)) We snacked on pies from the main street’s bakery. And we drove back through Trentham, stopping along the way to buy eggs, potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, cabbage and carrots.

Remember how I told you last week about the Day Trip Crockpot?  Well, I smugly put the slow cooker on when we left and we arrived home to a delicious dinner (which we ate with the bread we bought at the Woodend Farmer’s Market.)

Perfect day. Le sigh. Here are some snaps, so you can see what a nice time we had.