Whoa! 3 Sons, 3 Super-Strong Reactions to Their Mom’s Pregnancy News | Parents

Well, at least this mom knows exactly how her sons feel about adding another sibling to the family.

Do pregnancy announcements ever go as expected? For one mom, Faith Christopher, it seems the answer is yes, even though her children’s reactions to the news she is having another baby sure surprised the heck out of me.

In a video posted to YouTube, we see a dad teasing his three sons with the possibility of a special message being on a cake he is holding in his hands, out of reach. Finally, he sets down the dessert at the table where the boys are waiting eagerly.

“You’re pregnant?” the eldest son screams gleefully upon seeing the announcement on the confection.

“Yes,” Faith confirms. And the crowd goes wild! It’s too sweet.

The youngest son starts running around the room, screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Wow, he’s pumped to not be the youngest anymore. He even does a somersault.

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But wait. The middle son, Max, isn’t so sure about this baby. He announces he’s going upstairs to cry, and promptly leaves the room, even as his dad assures him it is supposed to be a happy moment.

“The boys reaction was exactly what their personalities are!” Faith wrote about the video.

So I guess she wasn’t the least bit shocked that her eldest and youngest sons were exhilarated by her baby news, yet her middle son had his reservations about adding another sibling to the mix.

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In all cases, I couldn’t believe how strongly the boys felt. I’d imagine my kids would be like, “Oh cool,” if I told them I was having another baby. But who knows? Maybe their reactions would be nothing like I’d expect!

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