Week Thirty Nine


Pointing at body parts

Amazing but true! By ten months, your baby will be able to reliably point to various body parts when you ask him to find them. Sure, he may not know his ankle or armpit, but he’ll be able to point to the important bits – head, nose, eyes, mouth – and best of all, his belly-button.

With his growing understanding that all objects have a name (most of which he won’t know at this point) and his all-powerful pointing finger now getting in on the action, your baby will be able to start communicating with you on a whole new level. You can begin to show him objects (and name them for him) and he can start making choices. Cracker or toast? He points to the cracker and, hey presto, you know that’s what he wants.

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Baby vitamins

If your baby hasn’t taken to solid food with gusto, you may be feeling concerned about whether she’s meeting her daily dietary requirements. At this age, solid food is still a supplement to breast or bottle milk and even a baby who loves to eat needs to receive the bulk of her nutrients through milk. As you approach her first birthday however, she should be becoming more reliant on solid food to deliver her nutrients – particularly iron and vitamin B12. If she’s still resisting solid food, you may want to consider talking to a health professional about your concerns.

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Hand games

Do you remember the words and actions to Incy Wincy Spider, This Little Piggy or Pat-a-cake? There’s a reason that the lyrics to these childhood action songs are still firmly planted in our brain – we loved them as babies and heard them a million times! So continue the tradition and guide your baby through all the actions to I’m a Little Teapot. He’ll love it!