Video hacks for mums


1. What’s in the hospital go-bag?

No, we’re not talking about the bag your survivalist uncle keeps stashed in the garage so he can make a quick escape when the zombie apocalypse strikes. This go-bag is for something almost as scary, but far more likely to be occur: your trip to hospital to give birth. There’s stuff you’ll want to pack for you, stuff for your partner, but we’ve stuck to one aspect: what to pack for your baby.

2. Breaking-back

As if nine months of pregnancy followed by labour wasn’t hard enough, mums then get to enjoy the back-breaking job of leaning over a bath holding their baby. Yeah, nah, we don’t think so.

Try this back-saving hack that makes use of the kitchen sink, but do remember to take out the dishes first.

3. Lighten up, kid

As if nappy changes weren’t repetitious, boring and disgusting enough! Throw in a whingey baby and it’s just too much to take.

Here’s a bright idea (pun intended) for keeping kids quiet while you clean them up.

4. Make messy meal-times history

Does your little one use you as target practice? Does the dog love to hang around the highchair because flung food is sure to come his way?

Check out this dinner-time mess saver.

5. Hooking you up

It’s the moment nearly every mum has experienced. Baby has just dumped a plate of food over himself and the baby wipes are … just … out … of … reach.  AAARGH!

Do away with these far too common frustrations. Here’s how:

6. Keep them in the dark

We love our kids, of course, but if a mum denies that the happiest time of the day is when her little one finally goes down for the night we think she might be fibbing. Big time!

There are lots of tips and tricks for helping babies sleep, and thousands of words have been written on how to tackle stubborn bubs who won’t settle, but if you haven’t sorted your window coverings, you may be wasting your time.

7. Let’s get out of here!

There comes a time in every mum’s life where she realises that if she spends one more minute in the house with a newborn and a toddler she may well go mad. Get ready for that moment (and all the other moments when you need to be prepared to rush out the door) by having your bag packed and ready to go.

8 End road-trip rage

Is there anything worse than trying to stay cool, calm and collected behind the wheel while whinging toddlers whine from the back seat?

No, of course there isn’t.

So be prepared and get your supplies sorted and be prepared to keep kids entertained no matter how long (or short) your trip.

This post was created for ALDI, who understand that mums can always do with a bit of help.