Vegans deface signs for polling booth sausage sizzle

“The smell of oppression!”

Residents of Newtown in Sydney’s inner west may be surprised to learn that a humble sausage sizzle at a local preschool is offending some local residents.

Australia Street Infants School has posted a number of signs in the area advertising their sausage sizzle, that will operate alongside the polling booths on election day, July 2.

But angry vegans have taken exception to the promotion of the humble snag, defacing the signs with messages like “Teaching children to murder animals!” “The smell of oppression!” and “Vote…for no more murder of innocent lives!”

vegan image

Perhaps the protesters are a little short on protein, but it doesn’t take enormous brainpower to know that the Election Day Sausage Sizzle at the local public school is one of the most sacred Australian voting traditions, along with the cake stall and filling out those 87 metre Senate ballots if you don’t have any other plans for the day until 7:45PM.

It’s simply unAustralian to mess with it.

A source also tells Kidspot that the annual sale raises around $1000 for the school, money that goes towards teaching supplies.

Be a vegan. Just be a bit quieter about it.

While I firmly support anyone’s decision to eat in any way they choose – I was a vegetarian myself for years until I outgrew my youthful idealism – I’m not so hot about vegans being loud and scribbly about it on every flat surface.

Of course this is the hippie suburb of Newtown, where angry vegans roam the streets looking for any opportunity to remind people that not getting enough iron seems to do something worrying to one’s temperament.

Entirely coincidentally, I also snapped this pic today:


It really does feel like public vegan protesting is a full-time job. But perhaps some of the protesters might do more good for the community if they acquired some actual employment.