Transformer ultrasound photos: Unborn baby arrives as human, not machine


On Friday morning Kidspot shared an ultrasound pic of a baby that looked like a rabbit.

And it prompted mums to post ultrasound pics of their little ones (or little ones-to-be), including two that looked exactly like Transformers.

This is a pic of Royce, who’s now 11 weeks old. Here his mum Sharissa Grant from Geelong, Vic, was only around 12 or 13 weeks along in her pregnancy:

You have to admit, he looks uncannily like this guy:

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.22.18 pm


Funny … but also a huge relief

But as Sharissa tells Kidspot, even though her family had a good laugh over the pic it was also a huge relief to see that Royce’s skull was perfectly formed.

Sharissa had previously lost a little girl in utero to a neural tube defect, and this pic reassured her that Royce was developing healthily. “It was hilarious and scary to see him as a Transformer,” she tells Kidspot. “But comforting at the same time.”

And Royce most certainly didn’t emerge as a Transformer. Look at this beautiful little bubba:


Baby Royce is now 11 weeks old.
He’s a brilliant sleeper, Sharissa says, and he’s yet to express any interest in battling intergalactic forces or morphing into a semi-trailer, which must come as a huge relief to his mum. It sounds like it would involve a lot of loads of washing.

Another Transformer

A second mum, Pippa, also shared a pic of her ultrasound of her baby, sex currently unknown:

“We call him Iron Man,” Pippa told Kidspot.

Iron Man is not only heavily-clad in protective armour (possibly) but is also extremely keen to tell his – or her – parents his (her?) gender.

“He kept flashing us during the ultrasound,” Pippa says laughing. “The technician said, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to find out the sex because this baby really wants you to know?”

Pippa also has a daughter, whose ultrasound pic was very different to that of her soon-to-be sibling. “She had the most beautiful ultrasound pic – she was waving,” Pippa says. “Not scary, like this one!”

Only time will tell if Pippa’s little one comes out ready to breastfeed or do battle – let us know when you do, Pippa!