Tori Spelling, These Are Our Name Picks for Baby #5

Spelling admits choosing a perfect name for her fifth child isn’t going to be easy. So we’re here to help!

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I was so confident in my first baby’s name. Her name had been my favorite girl name since I was in high school. Never before had a baby name been so easy to decide upon!

Baby #2’s name was also a fairly easy pick. Because my husband fell in love with another girl name, and so, done. But by baby girl #3, we were struggling a bit. It felt nearly impossible to select a moniker that we were as obsessed with as the names we’d chosen for our first two kids. In the end, our older girls actually picked the name, and too ambivalent to disagree with them, I just went along with it.

So I can imagine the plight of 43-year-old Tori Spelling, who recently announced a surprise fifth pregnancy! “The pressure is on,” she confided to E! News about the baby-name selection process this time around.

Baby #5 will join Spelling’s four older children with husband Dean McDermott: Liam, age 9; Stella, age 8; Hattie, age 5; and Finn, age 4. About her children, the reality star told E!, “The names came to us [for] all four of them, so we’re hoping the name comes to this one, but we don’t know what it is yet.”

It seems the McDermotts are fans of both popular baby names and more old-fashioned, traditional ones. Consider that Liam is currently the second most popular name for boys, according to the Social Security Administration. So if the new baby is a girl, perhaps Olivia might be a consideration for the famous fam? I think it goes nicely with the older kids’ names! And for a boy, how about Mason? I mean, how awesome does Mason McDermott sound?

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However, if they are thinking of going with a name more along the lines of Hattie, might I suggest Bessie for a baby girl, and Orson for a baby boy? Of course, I’m sure everyone is giving Spelling baby name suggestions, so that’s just my two cents.

Meanwhile, settling upon the perfect name the fifth time around is probably going to take some time. My real advice: Wait until the baby arrives, and then see what feels right.

Here’s hoping they don’t pick some wacky celeb baby name like Mango or Purple!

What is your baby name suggestion for Tori?

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