Top 10 best princess movies ever


Sipping on a warm mug of Milo and chomping on handfuls of buttery popcorn? I do! This is the stuff of memories. We love princess movies because they are all about magic, true love and a very dishy prince or two!

Here are our 10 favourite princess movies of all time.

#1 Princess movie – Cinderella

The top princess gong goes to Cinderella – the quintessential rags-to-riches story that never grows old. Originally released in 1950 by Disney Animation Studios,  Cinderella tells the tale of  a young girl full of heart and integrity. As penance for years of  suffering at the hands of her ugly step-sisters, Drizella and Anastasia, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother rocks up and sends her off to the palace ball looking ravishing! She steals the heart of Prince Charming, who releases her from her unhappy life and welcomes her into the palace as his wife. Thank goodness Cinderella left that glass slipper behind, otherwise what would have become of her?

What makes it a winner?: The timeless sentiments of this film shine just as brightly today, as they did more than 60 years ago. Despite her difficult life, Cinderella rises above all the hate and bitterness and remains true to herself.  The take home message is powerful and positive, and one we hope our own little girls will always remember.

Ages: From tiny tots and toddlers to tweens and teens, Cinderella speaks to the heart of every wannabe princess.

Rating: G

# 2 Princess movie – The Little Mermaid

Touted by some fans as the best princess movie ever, this wonderful film is based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. It tells the story of Ariel – a mermaid who wants to experience life beyond the sea. Against her father, King Triton’s wishes, Ariel journeys to the surface of the ocean and falls in love with a human prince, named Eric. Things take a turn the worse when Ariel tries to strike a deal with the evil sea witch, Ursula.  But never fear, the best thing about all of these princess movies is that a happy ending is always a certainty!

What makes it a winner?: Sebastian the Crab and his Oscar- winning rendition of “Under the Sea”, strikes a charming chord with viewers young and old. The characters in this movie are lovable, hilarious and pretty unforgettable!

Ages: Ursula packs a scary punch, so you may need to warn some of the younger viewers. Otherwise, this film is perfect for everyone!

Rating: G

# 3 Princess movie – Princess Bride

In its day (way back in ’87) this movie was hot property.  It set the standard for all the princess pictures that followed, and for that very fact alone it’s worth a mention here. The movie begins with a grandfather reading a story to his ill grandson, and the pages come alive with action as the story unfolds.  When beautiful Buttercup is kidnapped by a warmonger, it is up her childhood sweetheart, now known as the Dread Pirate Roberts, to rescue her.  It’s full of action, adventure and sword fights (!), and boasts a cast of Hollywood greats, including: Robin Wright, Fred Savage, Billy Crystal and Mandy Patinkin, just to name a few!

What makes it a winner?: This film is a humorous tongue-in-cheek take on a traditional fairytale, but it also has a powerful message about love.  The fact that it is packed full of action, means that young boys will love this movie too.

Ages: This one is definitely most suited to kids six plus and their mums and dads!

Rating: PG

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# 4 Princess movie – Shrek

The world’s most lovable green ogre, is the unlikely hero in this DreamWorks Animation classic. This is a fairytale with a definite difference. When Shrek’s swamp is overrun by a hoard of fairy tale characters, he must strike a deal with the nasty Lord Farquaad  in order to reclaim his home. His mission, is to rescue Princess Fiona and bring her back to the undeserving lord.  But Princess Fiona has a secret that changes everything.

What makes it a winner?: Brilliant animation and a charismatic donkey named … Donkey (voiced by comedy maestro Eddie Murphy), takes this princess category to new heights.

Ages: A firm family fave for big and little kids alike.

Rating: PG

# 5 Princess movie – Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Why Snow White of course!! If this movie list hasn’t made you feel nostalgic yet, then reminiscing about the lovely Snow White and her gang of trusty dwarves surely will! Complete with an evil queen, a kind-hearted huntsman and a gorgeous prince, the story of Snow White spreads the message that good will prevail over evil in the end, and not even a poison apple can keep a real princess down!

What makes it a winner?:  You just can’t go past those kooky little dwarves – Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey. They add humor and fun to this film, and are great advocates for the power of friendship!

Ages: Suitable for all ages, but beware of the evil witch – she always was and always will be, pretty scary.

Rating: G

# 6 Princess movie – Brave

From the talented folk at Disney Pixar, comes this epic tale of bravery and courage set against the rugged backdrop of the Scottish Highlands. Princess Merida is a skilled archer and the fiercely independent daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. When she defies an ancient custom and brings chaos and uncertainty to her kingdom, she must find a way to undo a beastly curse before it is too late.  Can Merida prevail, when the going gets tough? Go girl!

What makes it a winner?:  This princess has guts. She puts herself on the line to save her people and you gotta love that! Plus, this animated flick has serious star power, including the voices of Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson.

Ages: With a few witches afoot and a couple of shady characters, this film is best suited to kids seven plus.

Rating: PG

# 7 Princess movie – Sleeping Beauty

In a kingdom far away (isn’t that how the best movies start?!) a king and queen welcome a much-wanted baby girl, named Aurora. Fairies from far and wide come to bestow a gift on the child that money cannot buy. Everything goes swimmingly until the evil Maleficent arrives and casts a spell on Aurora, condemning her to death on her 16th birthday. Thankfully, the death bit gets averted by another good fairy but the princess does succumb to a 100 year sleep spell.  In good fairy tale fashion, she is poetically woken from her slumber and marries the handsome prince who broke Maleficent’s spell with the touch of a kiss.

What makes it a winner?: The musical score is whimsical, and the gaggle of gorgeous fairies are wonderful. It’s just sweet all over.

Ages: Witch ALERT! Witch ALERT! Otherwise, it’s suitable for just about any age.

Rating: G

# 8 Princess movie – Tangled

The breathtakingly beautiful Rapunzel has spent most of her life locked in a tower, oblivious to the outside world. Kidnapped by Mother Gothel when she was only a small baby, Rapunzel’s hair possesses magical age-defying properties.  When a bandit discovers the tower and scales its walls Rapunzel finds her ticket to freedom. She makes a deal with the handsome rogue and finally leaves her prison for the first time ever, embarking on a journey she will never forget. This is an entertaining modern Disney fairy tale, based on The Brothers Grimm story, Rapunzel, from the 1800’s.

What makes it a winner?: Tangled offers just the right amount of gags, impressive animation and a perfectly heart fluttering love story.

Ages: Mother Gothel‘s fierceness could put a lot of little ones on edge. Toddlers and preschoolers best sit this one out.

Rating: PG

# 9 Princess movie – The Princess Diaries

A dowdy and daggy teen,  Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) finds out she is heir to throne of Genovia, presided over by her grandmother Queen Clarisse Renaldi (played by her royal awesomeness, Julie Andrews).  The queen attempts a head-to-toe makeover on Mia, including fine-tuning her behaviour and her etiquette, so that one day she will be fit to rule the kingdom. The results are impressive and we bear witness to a magical transformation! No princess movie is ever complete without the prerequisite love interest, so be prepared for a bit of romance.

Why it’s a winner: Anne Hathaway makes her feature film debut in this film and plays the part of Mia to perfection.  Kids love this film because it proves that magic can happen to the girl next door!

Ages: This movie will delight the tweens, that is guaranteed!

Rating: G

# 10 Princess movie – The Swan Princess

This 1994 animated flick is based on the original fairy tale,  Swan Lake.  Prince Derek and Princess Odette are thrown together as kids by their eager parents, in the hope that they will one day fall in love and marry. To start with, they aren’t that crazy about each other but when they do eventually fall in love, tragedy strikes (of course!). An evil sorcerer, Lord Rothbart, casts as spell on Odette, turning her into a swan by day and a woman by night. Derek must battle the evil lord and break the spell so he can be reunited with his one true love.

What makes it a winner:  The magic, the music and the man (who doesn’t love a dashing prince who rescues his beautiful princess?!).

Ages: Less scary than some of the movies on this list, but bear in mind the evil sorcerer isn’t kind!  Recommended for those five plus.

Rating: G