Today’s Savannah Guthrie and Dylan Dreyer Got a Baby-Naming Tip You HAVE to Try

The Today hosts, both of whom are expecting, called in a naming expert.

savannah guthrie and dylan dreyer TODAY/YouTube

Would you hire an expert to help you pick out a baby name? That’s what Today show hosts Savannah Guthrie and Dylan Dreyer—who both have little ones on the way, and who were both totally not down with their own names growing up—did. And while we were initially skeptical about the process, baby name consultant Abby Sandel won us over by offering some pretty solid advice.

“I was watching some of the segments that you’ve done recently, and one of the names that came to mind was Price,” Sandel told first-time mom-to-be Dreyer, who had visited the set of game show The Price is Right, where she revealed on TV that her grandmother was the biggest winner in the show’s history.

Price Dreyer, come on down!

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We’re digging it—though Dreyer said she already has a name locked down. Or at least she’s “99.9 percent” certain that she does. So what is it? Sadly, we’ll have to wait for the answer, because Dreyer wants to keep the title on the downlow.

According to Sandel, however, sharing is caring. “If you’ve gotten to a place where you KNOW that name, celebrate it,” she says. “Go to a coffee shop and give it as your name. So when the barista calls it out you can hear—do they butcher it, do they spell it in some crazy way? How’s it feel to hear it called out in a crowd?”

Awesome idea! But even if Dreyer’s not yet ready to spill, we’re glad she’s planning to stick with her first choice, since Sandel says the biggest mistake a couple can make when naming their bundle of joy is not using their fave.

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“We get talked out of it,” she explained. “Either we think it’s too popular, or too weird. And somehow we decide to compromise on something that isn’t the name that we love.”

Which is exactly why my daughter is named Emma and not Waverly, after the street in New York where I went to graduate school. But hey, at least the barista gets it right every time.

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