This Mom’s Bedtime Routine Might Be Crazier Than Yours

Watch this incredible mom single-handedly get her four babies ready for bed, all with a smile on her face.

Screen-Shot-2016-02-08-at-12.59.37-PM.png Dan Gibson/YouTube

Corrie Whyte’s YouTube video titled “Mom vs Triplets + Toddler” shows, quite simply, a feat of super-human strength. In this 2-minute clip, we see the Canadian mom’s nightly routine of single-handedly changing 2-year-old Emily as well as 8-month-old triplets Jackson, Olivia, and Levi into pajamas. And let’s just say, she deserves a medal when she’s done!

The video, which is shown in fast motion and set to old-fashioned comedy music, opens with Whyte trying to quickly change one baby into pajamas, while the other two begin to crawl away and Emily jumps around on the bed.

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It’s an assembly line, really. Once Whyte has changed one baby, he or she is placed at the top of the bed, and the next one is moved down the line for his or her turn. All the while, Emily is full of energy, performing acrobatics around her siblings.

What’s most impressive is how Whyte seems to have eyes in the back of her head. When one baby crawls too close to the edge of the bed, she grabs her just in time. And then it’s back to wrangling another child into PJs. What’s more, this mom performs this seemingly impossible balancing act with a smile on her face the entire time.

Whyte told ABC News she has “so much fun” caring for her kiddos and tries “to make every experience enjoyable.” But yes, she is human after all, because she admits now that the triplets are mobile she must “keep a constant eye on them all the time.” The mother-of-four adds, “Right now the hard part is finding the balance between the needs of three 8-month-old babies and one 2-year-old toddler. They all want your attention, while going in four different directions.”

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Phew. I’m tired just thinking about this! I have three kids, but they are a bit more spread out in age. Even so, bedtime at our house is a circus. Between bathing the girls, helping them brush their teeth, and getting them changed into pajamas, then laying out their clothes for the next day, reading stories, getting an extra drink of water, or hunting for a lost stuffed animal, I’m practically ready for bed afterwards!

“Every mom is a super mom in my opinion,” Whyte says. Well, thank you. Coming from a mother of four, all under age 2, I take that as a huge compliment!

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