This Mom Went Viral with Her Spot-On Tips for Supporting Breastfeeding Moms | Parents

A Pinterest-worthy graphic and amazingly easy advice that can help make a breastfeeding mom’s day? #BowDown!

On August 14, UK mom Michelle Marshall designed and then shared the following graphic to the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page in honor of World Breastfeeding Day:

“Support breastfeeding mums,” it reads. Then it lists all the ways we can do just that. Things like: If you see a mom breastfeeding in public, give her a smile. If you hear a breastfeeding mum say how tired she is, give her reassurance. And if you don’t like the fact that someone is breastfeeding, just be kind.


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We think Marshall’s advice is pretty amazing—and apparently we’re not the only ones. Her rainbow graphic has been shared on Facebook more than 6,000 times in eight countries!

“I thought it would be something I shared in one or two groups I was in that might get passed around a bit,” the proud mama-of-five—yes, you read that right!—told “I am totally blown away by the response.”

Marshall shared the image, she explained, as a way to encourage others not only to just let breastfeeding moms be, but to actually approach them and say, “Well done!”

“I have done it and told a member she is doing an amazing job and the smile on that mum’s face says it all!!” she explained. “It’s what she needed to hear.”

That being said, we couldn’t help but wonder if there was anything else Marshall would add to her now-viral list?

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“There are quite a few more I could have added but there were only so many stripes on the graphic,” she joked. “Some of them would include: If you see a breastfeeding mum with a plate of food in front of her, offer to cut it up into bite-sized pieces for her. Or if you see a breastfeeding mum on the bus, don’t go sit on the other side. Go have a chat with her. You might be the only adult she has spoken to all day.”

So true! Especially when you’ve got five munchkins—Josh (12), Elijah (9), Noah (7), Ava (3), and Ezra (22 months)—at home!

What advice would you give to a new breastfeeding mom?

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