This Is the Trendiest New Baby Name of 2016

Looking for a unique baby name that is truly reflective of the time we are living in? No, it’s not Donald or Hillary. It’s Wrigley!

The moniker pays homage to the home field of baseball’s Chicago Cubs, who recently won the World Series for the first time since 1908; and, according to The Chicago Tribune, it’s hotter than MVP Ben Zobrist’s endorsement deal prospects.

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Consider that 2009 Miss America winner Katie Stam Irk just named her newborn son Wrigley, after losing a bet to her husband Brian. “We were on a family walk and I said, ‘You’ve been a diehard Cubs fan your whole life, and boy, do I have the bet of a lifetime for you!'” the beauty queen and mama told People magazine. She told her hubby, “If the Cubs win we get to name him Wrigley—if they don’t, we name him Oliver after my grandfather.”

The little guy ended up with the name Wrigley Oliver.

Meanwhile, the Tribune also reports that Bachelorette couple Desiree Hartsock and her husband and former minor league Cubs pitcher, Chris Siegfried, chose the name Asher Wrigley for their newborn.

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Will more celebs follow the Wrigley trend? Perhaps, although I can’t help but point out that Wrigley makes me think of gum, too. Sorry! Not that I don’t like the name; it’s kinda cool, and any name that has sentimental value is special. But try to tell me you don’t have the phrase, “Double your pleasure, double your fun,” running through your head, too!