The coolest subscription boxes for kids who love getting mail

These boxes might just convince kids snail mail’s still cool

We may be living in the digital age, but there’s still something super exciting about getting a package in the mail — especially when you’re a kid. Gifting your child with the “gift that keeps on giving,” i.e., a subscription box that shows up without fail each month, can keep them busy and entertained all year long.

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From craft boxes, to book subscriptions or even ideas for the Lego-obsessed, we have rounded up the best subscription boxes for kids.

These boxes might just convince kids snail mail's still cool
Image: KidPik

KidPik: For the fashionista

Got a girl who loves fashion but hates shopping with mom? Then KidPik is right up your alley. Aimed at girls 4 through 14, the subscription service allows little girls to set up a fashion profile (with help from parents) on their site. Then the KidPik team curates a box of goodies for her and sends it out. Each box typically has about six to seven items (tops, bottoms and accessories) at an average price of $12.50 an item. You don’t pay until you get the box and decide what you want to keep, so you can always send it all back if she’s not a fan. The company also offers a 30 percent discount if you decide to keep all the outfits in the box, and a “basics” line that you can buy from separately to complete her wardrobe. Currently KidPiks can be sent monthly, every three months or twice per season (eight boxes a year).

Kiwi Crate: For the crafty kid

These boxes might just convince kids snail mail's still cool
Image: Kiwi Crate

Geared for crafty kids ages 3 through 8, the Kiwi Crate arrives each month full of fun hands-on projects that include science experiments, art projects and build-and-play games. Each crate includes two to three projects based on a different theme each month, such as Space Hero, City Adventure and Around the World. I was sent the Rainforest theme, which included cool crafts like a jumping frog game and a craft in which kids create their own rain stick. These little boxes include everything you need for the craft (even the scissors) as well as a Highlights-esque magazine and other activities to further explore the theme. Kiwi Crate subscriptions start at $17/month and shipping is free. (If you aren’t quite sure if you want to commit, you can purchase individual activity packs on the Kiwi Crate website or at Target stores.)

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