Swap Out Baby Gear Without Leaving Your House


Swapdom, an online exchange system, is opening its marketplace to the parenting community. Now, moms and dads can use Swapdom to trade all things baby- and kid-gear-related, including maternity and infant clothing, strollers, baby safety gadgets, newborn care equipment, shoes, books and toys.

Founded in August 2013 and based in Greece and San Francisco, Swapdom has become the go-to site to find one-of-a-kind previously owned items. Originally concentrating on the fashion market, Swapdom is taking a big baby step in providing a solution for parents seeking an alternative to buying infant gear and children’s items brand new. Better yet, users can even swap baby and kids’ gear for fashion items.

Engineered to make trading items easy and efficient, Swapdom asks users to request items they love and identify what they would like to offer in exchange. The site then organizes a multiperson swap. Users pay for shipping and a fee of $1-$2.

“Parents are often frustrated by spending thousands of dollars on children’s clothes and gear only to have it last just a few months,” says Petros Georgopoulos, who co-founded Swapdom with his brother George. “We listened to our customers and created the ultimate consumer solution. Through our unique algorithm, it’s now easier than ever for parents to swap unwanted items and land great finds in return.”