Stephen & Ayesha Curry Talk Parenting Riley and Ryan | Parents

NBA superstar Stephen Curry knows a thing or two about basketball, but with two daughters, he and wife Ayesha know a bit about parenting, too. Find out why they have no regrets over Riley’s famed press conference appearance and how they play off each other’s strengths.


[MUSIC] The amount of stuff as a parent that you get done in a day is insane. Like what were doing with our time? I was always busy before we had kids and now you’re like. I feel like I should have invented something or [LAUGH] Surely, you had it in you [MUSIC] Even today it’s like an event to get out of the house for all four of us all at once. It’s magical. When we get in the car and everything is there, we brought everything, every body has socks on. It’s like a dream come true. [MUSIC] The playoffs We have to walk past the family room to get to the interview room and Riley was wanting to hang out with me pretty much. In that moment she had that look like she wasn’t gonna take no for an answer. We walk out to the interview room, set her up there and that’s when her personality Shine bright. Then the next day people asking me like, are you aware of all the criticism of people bringing up about you bringing Riley on stage. And it kinda caught me off guard cuz I didn’t, one hadn’t heard it, but two didn’t understand one who was complaining or why. And wouldn’t change anything about what we did because it was a fun time for a family. It will be something that we’ll bring back down the road when Riley’s a little older. [MUSIC] We know we’re in a different situation than most people but Want to be normal. Share stuff that means a lot to us in that sense. Not have to be totally guarded or whatever. We’re still proud parents. [MUSIC] Actually last year, last summer, was a good learning lesson trying to keep certain things that are important to our family and fun moments to ourselves. And keeping that as a good memory just for us. [MUSIC] That’s the hardest part about what I do for a living, and even now with Riley and Ryan. And in her career the days can kind of blend together and blur together and you look up and a road trip comes up and I am on the road for ten days or so. You really need to be really purposeful and intentional about how you stay tight and stay in communication. It’s been a learning process for sure but technology these days has helped so much just being able to Facetime. I feel like I’m at home even though I’m not. [MUSIC] And the thing I love about him is that he’s not too cool for school. So he’s not afraid to like get on the floor and play with his kids. He’ll put on some dress Dress up clothes, if he has to. And, he’s very patient, which is something that I’m not. So, I feel like everything that I lack, he has it. Which is nice, because we balance each other out. [MUSIC]

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