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Halloween baby

Let’s face it–Halloween is one cool holiday. No big, long to-do list like Christmas, no massive meal to assemble like Thanksgiving. Just fun costumes, a good scare or two–and lots and lots of candy.

If you’re due around now, you might be tempted to give your little pumpkin a name that suits the occasion. Here are a few killer names to start your brainstorm:

Damien The Satanic offspring in the classic The Omen actually helped bring his name to popularity.

Jason Any horror movie buff worth her salt knows all about Jason Voorhees and his reign of Friday the 13th terror. It’s been a top 100 name for the past 30 years.

Lilith The name of Adam’s alleged first wife has become synonymous with demons–and she was the cool and aloof ex-wife of Frasier Crane on both Cheers and Frasier.

Poe The surname of one of America’s foremost horror authors, Edgar Allan Poe, can serve as a great name for either boys or girls (consider it as a cool one-syllable middle name, too).

Samara Remember that creepy girl from The Ring? You know, the one who killed everyone with her video? Her name has been in the top 600 names since the movie came out.

Jack Think jack o’ lantern or Jack the Ripper–but either way, this scarily good name is a real winner (it’s also been a top 50 name for most of the past century).

Bela Remove one “l” from the ultra-populargirls’ name Bella, and you can name your boy after the legendary Mr. Lugosi, who made Dracula so unforgettable. (The name Bela actually means “white.”)

Vincent Vincent Price was the king of classic horror cinema (there was just something creepy in the tenor of his voice).

Bram The author of the granddaddy of all vampire novels, Bram Stoker, deserves a nod. His name is a variant on Abraham, and means “father of many.”

Norman Hitchcock’s slasher manifesto, Psycho, featured the delightfully unhinged hotel proprietor, Norman Bates–a worthy name choice for your Halloween baby.

Regan The possessed little girl who turned her head around and vomited green in the all-too-creepy classic The Exorcist sports a name that used to be a boys’ name–but thanks to Linda Blair’s performance, it’s all for girls now.

Luna A name that literally means “moon” is perfect for the season.

Rosemary Is this just a fragrant herb that signifies remembrance–or the name of the mother of Satan, a la Rosemary’s Baby? You decide.

Salem The New England town that once burned its witches at the stake now embraces its witchy past–and sports a name that could work for a baby of either sex.

Would you give your Halloween baby a spooky name?

Photo: Baby girl in pumpkin by Jaimie Duplass /Shutterstock.com