Spanish names

name gender origin
Abril Girl French
Adriana Girl Hebrew
Alberto Boy German, Spanish
Albina Girl Latin, Spanish
Alejandra Girl Spanish
Alejandro Boy Spanish
Alfonso Boy Spanish
Alma Girl Latin
Ana Girl Latin
Andrea Girl Greek
Angel Boy Greek, Latin
Angela Girl Greek
Angelina Girl Greek
Bella Girl Latin
Benito Boy Italian
Bianca Girl Italian
Brisa Girl Spanish
Camila Girl
Carina Girl Italian
Carlos Boy Spanish
Carmen Girl Latin
Carolina Girl Italian
Catarina Girl
Consuela Girl Spanish
Cristina Girl
Diego Boy Spanish
Doria Girl
Eduarda Girl
Eduardo Boy Spanish
Efraim Boy
Efrain Boy Hebrew
Elena Girl Italian
Eliseo Boy Spanish, Italian
Emanuel Boy
Emanuella Girl
Emilia Girl Italian
Emilio Boy Italian, Spanish
Enrique Boy Spanish
Ernesto Boy Spanish
Esperanza Girl Spanish
Esteban Boy Spanish
Estefania Boy
Estela Girl
Estrella Girl French
Eustacio Boy
Fatima Girl Arabic
Felipa Girl
Felipe Boy Spanish
Felix Boy Latin
Frida Girl German
Gabriela Girl
Giuliana Girl
Gloria Girl Latin
Graciela Girl Spanish
Guadalupe Girl Spanish
Guillermo Boy Spanish
Hector Boy Greek
Hermosa Girl Spanish
Ines Girl
Isabella Girl Italian
Isaias Girl
Isidoro Boy
Jaime Boy Spanish
Jauna Girl
Javier Boy Spanish
Jesus Boy Hebrew
Jimena Girl Hebrew
Joaquin Boy Spanish, Hebrew
Jorge Boy Spanish
Jose Boy Spanish
Juan Boy Spanish
Juanita Boy
Julian Boy Greek, Latin
Julio Boy Spanish
Linda Girl Spanish
Luis Boy Spanish
Luisa Girl
Luz Boy
Macos Boy
Magdalena Girl Hebrew, Greek
Manuel Boy Hebrew
Manuela Girl Spanish
Marcela Girl
Margarita Girl Italian, Spanish
Maria Girl Italian, Spanish
Marisa Girl Latin
Marisol Girl Spanish
Martin Boy Latin, French
Mateo Boy Spanish
Maya Girl Sanskrit
Mia Girl Italian
Miguel Boy Spanish
Milagros Boy
Moises Boy Spanish
Nazarena Girl Hebrew
Nina Girl Spanish
NoƩ Girl Hebrew
Noemi Boy
Octavia Girl Latin
Orlando Boy Italian
Oscar Boy Scandinavian
Pablo Boy Spanish
Paloma Girl Spanish
Paz Girl Spanish
Perla Girl Italian, Spanish
Rafael Boy Spanish, Hebrew
Ramon Boy Spanish
Raquel Girl French
Raul Boy French, English
Rene Girl French
Ricardo Boy Spanish
Rigoberto Boy Spanish
Roberto Boy Italian, Spanish
Rolando Boy Spanish
Rosa Girl Italian, Spanish
Rubi Girl
Salvador Boy Spanish
Sebastian Boy Greek
Selena Girl Greek
Sofia Girl Greek
Soledad Girl Spanish
Stefano Boy Italian
Teresa Girl Greek
Tia Girl Greek, Spanish
Tomas Boy German, Spanish
Umberto Boy Italian, German
Veronica Girl Latin
Xavier Boy Arabic, Basque
Yesenia Girl Arabic
Yolanda Girl Greek
Yvonne Girl French
Zarina Girl

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These bold boys’ and girls’ names are favorites in Spain — Alejandro, Alfonso,Benito, Guadalupe, Guillermo, Joaquin, Marisol, Perla, Paz, Yolanda, Yvonne and more

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