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My name’s from Spain. ” “Hello sir, what’s your name?” “Franecisco Vasquez de Coronado, but you can call me Mr. Vasquez or Mr. Vasquez de Coronado.” People in Spain often have two surnames, one from each parent. But they can be known by a single name or nickname. “my friends just call me Franco.” Boy’s and girl’s names can be used together. Jose Maria, for instance. Saint names are common, Santiago equals Saint James. ┬áVariations on the classics are vary popular too. Maria equals Mary, Miguel equals Michael. Famous Spanish Names. actor; Javier Bardem, Artist; Pablo Picasso, Artist; Salvador Dali, Author; Miguel de Cervantes, Explorer; Francisco Vazquez de Coronado. It’s True! My name is from Spain! Some great Spanish names. Enrique, singer Enrique Iglesias helps make this is popular variant of Richard. Sebastian means “man from Sebastia.” Alejandro, Spanish variant of Alexander. It means “defending men.” Alvaro means “cautious.” Emilio means rival. Rafael means “God has healed.” Paloma means “dove.” Alba means “white.” Valentina means “strong.” Marta, European variant of Martha, it means “lady.” Nerea, a Basque name that means “mine.” Elena, Spanish variant of Helen means “bright and shining.” Isabel, an international version of Elizabeth, it means “pledged to God.” Valeria, Spanish variant of Valerie. Andrea means “strong.” For more names, go to

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