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Are you ovulating? Even if you’re not using an ovulation calculator or ovulation calendar, it’s possible to identify the signs and symptoms that indicate the most fertile time in your cycle. Keep an eye out for cramping, mucus and these other symptoms that could predict if you’re ovulating.


Hi, my name is Dr. Alexandra Sowa. Today we’re going to talk about signs that you’re ovulating. [MUSIC] The first one is increased sex drive. You might notice that a specific time of the month you want sex more. This is natures way of saying have sex and make babies. Another interesting sign that you might be ovulating would be increased sensations, so that would be increased vision, increased taste, increased smell, so you get some super-human powers this time of the month. Some not so fun signs you’re ovulating are tender breasts and pain in your lower abdomen on one side that happens in the middle of the month. This is called mittelschmerz It’s actually German for middle of the month pain, and it’s a sign that your body is releasing an egg. Some other signs that you’re ovulating include changes in your cervical mucus. Now that’s the discharge you might find in your underwear throughout the month. But during ovulation, the mucus actually thins out. During this time, it’s Creating an optimal environment for sperm to thrive and to meet the egg. After ovulation it goes back to it’s normal consistency, which is a little bit thicker. Another sign that you’re ovulating is that you will have changes In your resting body temperature. Now most women don’t know that this is happening every month, but if you’re tracking your temperature you’ll notice that your temperature decreases in the days before ovulation and will increase again after. By identifying whether or not you’re ovulating you’ll be increasing your chances of getting pregnant. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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