Sex After Baby: Surprising Things No One Told You About Sex After Baby | Parents

Having sex after Baby can be a very different experience. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect in the bedroom and how to adapt.


[MUSIC] While people may be congratulating you on your new baby, they might not be talking to you about how sex can change after delivery. So here are some things about post baby sex that may surprise you. Now you may find that after giving birth. The feeling inside of your vagina when you;re having sex can be different. For some women they actually might experience some nerve damage, and might have places in their vagina where they lose sensation. And so, that can change the way that they feel in sex. Now, the opposite may be true. You might actually have heightened sensation. Pushing the vagina because as the baby comes down the birth canal it stimulates nerve endings that you never even knew you had before. And now you can feel sex in a totally different way. Now remember that a C-section is actual, major abdominal surgery. So it’s going to impact your abdominal wall because there is an incision there that can cause some numbness around the area as nerves get cut. And it also has to go through the uterine wall to deliver the baby and that might impair the coordinated contraction of your uterus and the sensation of orgasm afterwards. Now you also need to know that you should probably stock up on lube. The hormone changes that happen after delivery can really make it difficult for you to lubricate on sexual arousal. And can also cause a little vaginal dryness day to day. I always recommend a silicone based lubricant for women after childbirth. It coats the inside of the vagina and feels nice and slippery. But a water based lubricant is more similar to your body’s own natural lubricant. And you can also combine the two if that’s your preference. And finally, a foot massage can do wonders for your sex life. When you get a foot massage, not only does it increase blood flow to your feet and legs, but that blood flow must go through your pelvis. Which is of course what you need of lubrication and arousal. But there are also some pressure points close to the heel, that correspond to the uterus and the genitals that also helps with sexual arousal as well. [MUSIC]

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