Registering for a Baby Shower


I can pick colors and themes for a nursery. I can pick blankets and pillows and towels. And I can certainly pick out adorable baby girl outfits. But how the heck am I supposed to know what kind of breast pump I’ll need?! Double electric, manual, single electric… Don’t they just sell a normal breast pump? This is ridiculous.

When Jason and I got engaged, I had to physically hold myself back from running to Macy’s and registering for the wedding. I finally get to pick out plates! And cups! And napkin ring holders! Now that my baby shower is just a few months away, the idea of registering for baby stuff is, to put it lightly, extremely daunting. How can all this cute stuff be so intimidating? Too bad I can’t afford Rosie Pope to do it for me.

I’ve heard from friends that you always register for too much and don’t use half of what you get. I don’t want to make that wasteful mistake. Plus, I don’t want to be one of those people who carries around five 100-pound bags of stuff for a 7-pound baby. I want this baby to be cool, nimble, able to go with the flow… I can hear all the moms out there laughing at this statement.

So how do I know what to get?

Come on, veteran moms! Help a first-timer out! What should I register for? What should I NOT register for? What could you not live without when you had your first baby?