Red-Hot New Celebrity Baby Name: Gus?

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Could celebrities be channeling The Fault in Our Stars in their choice of baby names? Two actresses in less than a month chose the name Gus (a common nickname for Augustus, the male half of the book’s star-crossed lovers) for their sons. First, actress Ashley Williams (famous for her role in How I Met Your Mother) bestowed it on her son, pairing it with her surname in the middle spot. And this week, actress Poppy Montgomery named her third child Gus. Gus Monroe, actually, which is a pretty fab pair of names.

Gus could be part of the renaissance of some of those old-school vintage names—names like Evelyn, Clara and Adeline for girls, Alfred, Walter and Arthur for boys. Could that mean that we may find some more of those not-so-golden oldies making a move back toward the top? Maybe names like Wilfred, Harry and Stanley for boys, Helen, Winifred, and Mildred for girls will start moving back up the charts.

Tell us: Which old lady and old guy names do you think should be making a comeback? And do you think that these celebs are giving Gus another shot at popularity?

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