Quick Cake Decorating Techniques: How-To Video | Parents

Parents’ food editor Erica Clark demonstrates three easy ways to decorate birthday cakes.


Hi. I’m Erica Clark, food editor for Parents Magazine. I’m gonna show you three quick techniques for decorating cakes. For the first technique, all you need are these colorful rainbow sour belts. To make the woven cake, you simply lay your sour strips on top of the cake and then you do a really easy over-under pattern; go over the first line, under the second, over the third, and just alternate up the cake. The second technique uses AirHead candies cut into strips to make streamers for the top of your cake. You can probably get three strips out of each AirHead candy and that makes three separate streamers. So once you have the strips, all you have to do is wrap them around your finger and this is great for little kids, they actually have little fingers and so the AirHead wraps around more and it makes a tighter curl, and then you just separate it out a little, stick it right on your cake. The third technique I’m gonna show you is how to make an adorable bumblebee for the cake, and all you need for this is some multi-colored jellybeans, you specifically need the yellow and the black. Start with the yellow jellybean and use a black food safe marker to just draw the stripes of the bee, and you can just press that in to your cake wherever you want it. To make the wings, you’re gonna use a black jellybean, you’re gonna cut it in half and you just press the black jellybeans in to the cake on the sides of the other jellybean, and there’s your little bee. To make the flying trail for the bee, you need to use chocolate sprinkles and I use tweezers to help me put them on the cake. When you’re making the trail for the bee, you can arrange it however you want; it might be fun to spell-0out your child’s name or have the trail come around the side of the cake or make loops, really, you can’t go wrong, and that’s it. Three simple techniques for making these great cakes.

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