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Getting pregnant isn’t always easy! This handy guide can help you learn the signs of ovulation and find out your most fertile days.


Hi, I’m Dr. Alexandra Sowa. I’m a doctor of internal medicine and I’m also a mom. So let’s talk about your ovulation calendar. Figuring this out with help you get pregnant faster. [MUSIC] Firstly, if you have irregular periods, you’re gonna want to touch base with your doctor. If it’s hard for you to track the regularity of your periods It might be a little hard to figure out exactly when you’re ovulating and it might be better to get your doctor on board sooner rather than later. It’s important for you to figure out the length of your cycle. So, you gonna want to write down when you having your period. You can either do this the old fashioned way on a calendar, or use a fertility app on your phone to track when you have your period This way you can figure out the length of your cycles. Traditionally ovulation happens about 14 days before your period, and we call this the ovulatory window. And once you’ve identified when you’re ovulating, you’re going to want to have sex in the three to four days leading up to ovulation and one to two days after. Wanna give yourself a nice window there in case you didn’t predict exactly when you’re ovulating. In addition to tracking your periods and calculating your ovulation window, there are two other technique that might be able to help you even further pinpoint exactly when you’re ovulating. One of these is called, basal body temperature. And what it does is it looks at your temperature over the course of a month and helps your predict when you might be ovulating And the second option is slightly more expensive, but women find it a little bit easier, and that’s called an Ovulation Predictor Kit. That’s something you buy at the drugstore and can do at home. Finally, have realistic expectations. It can take awhile to get pregnant even if you know exactly when you are ovulating. So, take a breath and relax and keep on tracking.>>bbb

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