Party of the Month: Trailblazing Bash

Gina Lee, of Redlands, California, created a camping party for her daughter Madeline’s eighth birthday, complete with tents, s’mores, and fireside fun for all.

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Madeline (center) loved that the lawn was covered in tents. Lee and her husband, Chris, built them using two A-frames, plywood, and floral fabric.

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No Boys!

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Scout’s Honor

This sign made sure it was girls only!

felt campfire

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Cute Campfire

A roaring felt centerpiece added cozy — and worry-free — atmosphere. Lee had it made as a decorative party keepsake for Madeline.

kid canteens

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Thirst Quencher

Lee ordered kid canteens from Birthday Express and added ribbon and “8” stickers from

Camping Bingo

Gina Lee Photography

Calling All Gamers

Lee found vintage-inspired bingo cards and cleverly used pebbles for chips.

paper bag lunches

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Grub to Go

Paper bags held a healthy lunch that was easy to tote to the tents and picnic blankets.

girls having leisurely lunch

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Sitting Pretty

The girls took a break from the party games with a leisurely lunch on the lawn.

tent-shaped PB&J sandwiches

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Foodie Fun

Guests nibbled on “kids in blankets” and tent-shaped PB&J sandwiches.

sweet and tangy bug juice

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Super Juice

No campout would be complete without sweet and tangy bug juice. Lee added 7-Up to fruit punch for a fizzy kick.

s'more ingredients

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Sweet Anticipation

That night, the girls toasted s’mores and settled in for a movie under the stars. You can download a printable version of the Nellie*Design s’mores bag tag below.

roasting marshmallows

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Roasting 101

As the sun set, the girls got a lesson in how to toast the perfect marshmallow.

Mini s'mores topped vanilla and chocolate cupcakes

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

S’mores Please

Notice a theme? Mini s’mores topped vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.

Canteen Cake

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Canteen Cake

A fondant cake made turning 8 taste great!

felt hair clip souvenirs

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Adventurous Accessories

Each guest was given two felt hair clips as souvenirs.

outdoor essentials goody bag

Courtesy of Gina Lee Photography

Outdoor Essentials

Brown paper bags were decorated with a map of the Sequoia National Forest and filled with a flashlight, trail mix, a bandanna, a cuddly stuffed animal, and a handy compass from Oriental Trading Company.

Originally published in the August 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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