Parenting on Summer Break – Providing Structure for Kids on Vacation

Summer Break Parenting Resources

Spring has arrived and summer is on the way!

This is the season where Empowering Parents Coaches get a lot of questions about end-of-the-year academic struggles, proms, graduations, parties, curfews and summer plans.

How can I make my kid go to summer school?

How do you set limits and expectations when you’re not home during the workday?

Is it true that “everyone else” lets their kids stay out till midnight?

Can you relate? We can’t take away these challenges, but we can work on them together!

Check out these Empowering Parents articles for help with setting up a summer structure or setting curfews:

  • Anger at the Boiling Point? How to Take Back Control This Summer
  • Establishing Curfews: How to Set and Stick with Them

When kids are out of school and acting up, how does your family manage? Do you have any tips or tricks for managing behavior in the summer? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. We’d love to hear them.