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-Welcome to Parents TV On Demand, a place for parents to learn, share and develop a healthy family together. Parents TV. Our families, our lives. -Now, that is an example of what you should not be doing while packing your hospital bag. Hi. I’m Doreen Bare, second Mom with Parents TV, and I’m here to give you some advice on what to pack in your hospital bag for your stay when you’re having your baby. You know your approximate delivery date, so whether you’re having a C-section or having a natural delivery. You need to give yourself enough time to pack your hospital bag with everything you’re going to need for your stay for the baby. And don’t have to rush when you’re going to the store to pick up your last minute items. Some of those things are gonna be left out to the last minute. First, you need to make the list and check things up as you go, so that you have everything that you need. The first thing you’re going to need to do is choose the bag that’s not too heavy, especially if you’re gonna have to carry yourself. This one actually has wheels on it– but here some essentials that you are going to definitely need while you’re in the hospital and some things that I found that I wish I would have had and things that are gonna just make it much more comfortable this time around, when having the baby. So, you definitely need your own pajamas once they let you put them on, so, you know, have at least 2 pair if you’re going to be staying for a few days. Your slippers, as you’re walking around. You’re gonna be walking back and forth to see the baby at the nursery when you have visitors. Socks– if you don’t want your slippers, socks. These actually have little pads on the bottom so that you don’t slip and fall. Regardless of whether you have a C-section or you have a natural delivery, you’re going to need feminine napkins. If you don’t want what the hospital has, I thought– this time around, I would bring the ones that I thought more comfortable with your hair brush, your make up– everything that you’re gonna need to make yourself feel better. Everybody’s were taking pictures– I’m so excited to having this baby, so you wanna at least make yourself look the best that you feel that you can look at this time. Make sure you have all your personal items like your favorite shampoo, your deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste– things that people could buy, go downstairs in the hospital store but things that you want. So, use some of those of things that you need [unk] just run out and get small sizes of it. You can just always have in the bag as you’re getting ready for the hospital. Your undergarments– you should also probably bring your things of clothes of what you’re gonna go home with from the baby, but again, something that, you know, somebody can bring to you. Some of the things that I found that were– things I wish I would have had to get a jump on things were things like “Thank you” note stamps. People bring things to the hospital just so you can get them, you know, done ahead of time because once you get home as a second time, it’s gonna be a little chaotic or as a first time Mom, it was a chaotic anyway. Magazine is gonna be a little bit of downtime. You’ll have the baby most of the time when you’re in the room by yourself, but in case you can’t sleep from the medication or whatever they’re going to give you in the hospital have something to read so that, if you can’t relax– that you have something, all of your chargers, your electronic devices, your cellphone, anything that you may need that has addresses or phone numbers, can’t use them in the hospital. But whether it’s your parents, your friends, your partner, your husband, you know, whomever is coming, they can retrieve this for you and make phone calls so you know you have all of your contacts. One thing that I thought was really essential because I’m a second time Mom now is having a gift for my daughter so that she feels the baby’s getting her something, you know, and that she’s much more comfortable while we’re there ’cause we don’t want them to be frightened ’cause they’re going to see. They’re gonna have tubes, they’re gonna– that you’re gonna be in the bed. You can’t get up, so just put them and it just makes them feel really good. One of the other things that I thought was very essential was a puppy pillow. This actually goes on your waist like this, although, it should fit better, hopefully after the baby. But, what it does is, it stays– it holds the baby on top of you and doesn’t hurt your arms and you’re tired and your body’s gone through a lot of trauma. So this way, it just makes it a lot easier so that you can feed the baby and hold the baby and not be uncomfortable. And there’s going to be a lot of things that you’re going to think about and other people can pick them up for you, bring them into the hospital, but these are the things that you’ll feel more comfortable with and you will be much more relaxed while you’re at the hospital. You know, also, one of the things that I thought was essential. You were having wet ones or Purell. Just have it there for the people that come to visit you. They’re coming in. They have germs. You don’t wanna get sick. You don’t wanna give anything to the baby. You were in the hospital but I would just have all those things there so people can just wipe their hands. And you don’t wanna forget to have something for the baby to come home in. So, as you’re packing, you were to change of clothes and all of your essentials. Make sure that you have something for the baby to wear home from the hospital and also have a blanket wrap in so it’s nice and cozy and for that photo [unk] when you are leaving the hospital. So, there you have it. You’re packed and you’re ready to go. You have all the essentials that you need and that you want. It’s going to make your hospital stay much more pleasurable, much more memorable and an experience of a lifetime. So, good luck, and remember, you’re watching Parents TV. The best source of information on your growing family. -Thank you from watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.

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