One-syllable names

name gender origin
Ann Girl
Art Boy
Ayn Girl Finnish
Bay Girl English
Bea Girl English
Beau Boy French
Belle Girl French
Bob Boy
Brad Boy
Cal Boy Latin
Carl Boy German
Chris Boy Greek
Dan Boy
Dean Boy English
Dot Girl English
Elle Girl French
Fay Girl English, French
Flo Girl
Frank Boy English
Gaye Boy
George Boy Greek
Guy Boy French
Hal Boy English
Jack Boy American
Jake Boy Hebrew
Jan Girl English
Jed Boy
Jett Boy English
Jill Girl English
Joe Boy
Joe Boy
John Boy Hebrew
Joss Girl English
Kai Girl Welsh
Lark Boy
Lars Boy Scandinavian
Lee Boy English
Leigh Girl English
Len Boy
Lynn Girl English
Maeve Girl Irish
Mark Boy Latin
Maud Girl
May Girl English
Nan Girl English
Nick Boy English
Pam Girl
Pat Boy English
Paul Boy Latin
Ray Boy French
Rick Boy
Sam Boy Hebrew
Sea Girl English
Sky Girl
Stu Boy
Sue Girl Hebrew
Tal Boy Hebrew
Tim Boy Greek
Tom Boy English
Val Girl
Vic Boy Latin
Will Boy English
Zak Boy Hebrew

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These simple yet classic names are solid enough to stand the test of time

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