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Just like fashions, baby names get recycled—and this year’s popular baby name list from the Social Security Administration shows that there’s still plenty of life left in some names that may have felt too dated just a few years ago. We’re talking names like Penny and Clark, that may feel a little more at home on Mad Men than the current century. Maybe one of these old-school turned new-school favorites would be worth considering for your kids?

Old Fashioned Baby Names for Boys

Clyde was the biggest mover amongst the old-fashioned set. It jumped 192 spots, and has a little bit of an old-timey gangster vibe, thanks to famous duo Bonnie and Clyde. (In fact, Bonnie jumped nearly the same amount of points in popularity!)

– Already popular in England, Alfred offers two cute nicknames, Alfie and Freddie—which may be why it moved up 160 spots.

– Would you believe that old-man name Harvey moved up more than 120 spots to now sit in the top 500?

– Maybe there’s some Sesame Street nostalgia going around: Gordon jumped 94 spots, and Ernest moved up 53.

– Amos appears to be making a comeback, too. It jumped 81 spots.

– Superman’s alter ego is having a good year—Clark jumped 75 spots, into the top 400.

– Lionel could be a lesser known route to the nickname Leo—and it moved up 74 spots this year.

– Warren is continuing its long, slow rise to the top—it’s up another 46 places this year.

Old Fashioned Baby Names for Girls

– Baby names with a little bit of a down-home vibe are racing up the charts. Rosalyn moved up 246 spots, and country classic Jolene moved 204 places.

– Margaret alternatives have become red hot: Witness the rise of Margot (up 200 places) and Marjorie (up 191). (The Marjorie move could be related to the Game of Thrones character Margaery Tyrell.)

– As mentioned before, Bonnie jumped 193 spots, alongside her fellow gangster Clyde and fun Penelope nickname Penny (up 186).

– Clementine is one of my favorite baby names—and apparently, it struck a lot of other parents’ fancies, too, as it jumped 142 spots.

– There’s a whole crop of grandma names that have made their way into the top 1000 of late—we’re talking Myra (up 135 spots), Dorothy (up 76), Martha (up 67) and Vera (up 54).

– Edith’s on a big rise in popularity, up another 89 points this year. But I wonder if that will cool off after Downton Abbey airs its last episode.

– Names in the news definitely have a play in the baby names of choice. Thanks to celebs Lena Headey and Lena Dunham, the short and sweet name has jumped 53 places this year. And it’s no coincidence that Frances has been making huge strides (up 91 this year) since Pope Francis was installed in the Vatican.

– “C” and “E” are popular initials overall, with names like Emma, Evelyn, Chloe, and Charlotte near the top of the list. But some other old-fashioned picks are trending—Colette, Elaine, Estelle, and Cindy, all up more than 70 places this year.

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Tell us: Did you pick an old-fashioned name for your baby? Or do you prefer more modern options like Paisley, Madison, Axl and Hendrix—all also on the rise this year. For more on baby names, check out our Baby Name Finder, and don’t forget to like In Name Only on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in baby names.

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