Mums who breastfeed their husbands during sex say it’s a bonding experience

Mums who breastfeed their husbands during sex say it's a turn on

Erotic lactation, or adult nursing relationships, are more common than you think.

Mums who breastfeed their husbands during sex say it's a turn on

Breastfeeding is a completely natural thing and many mums embrace the process with open arms.

Associated with mothers and their newborns, some women choose to breastfeed their kids for a number of years.

But it seems husbands are also getting in on the action.

It’s more common than you think

Adult breastfeeding – referred to as erotic lactation, adult nursing relations (ANR) or adult breastfeeding relationships (ABR) – is more common than you might have thought.

Entire website such as and host forums for questions about the practice and carry adverts for willing partners.

One man, Joel, revealed to Metro why he decided to feed from his wife during both her pregnancies.

He said: “My wife was pumping in bed to release pressure and the other breast started to leak.

“She suggested that I try it and it led to me drinking both breasts dry while we had sex.

“It was incredibly erotic, sexy and set off a thing for it in me.”

“Intensely personal and highly erotic” 

And he admitted when she got pregnant for the second time he was “looking forward” to doing it again.

He added: “I got off on it and my wife – while not really understanding why – enjoyed the fact that I was enjoying that aspect of her.

“I have no doubt that certain fetishes have a psychological trigger.

“This one though, for me personally, was just an intensely personal, sexually pleasurable and highly erotic act.”

Involving others 

This doesn’t just happen between married couples, but people also seek out others who are interested in the fetish.

Mum Sophie explained to Metro why she was trying to induce lactation for sexual purposes.

The mum-of-two said: “I currently partake in dry nursing with my partners.

“For me it’s a bonding time; a time for me to take his head in my hands and nurture him for long periods.

“For me ultimately it is sexual and sensual, but it is also very important to me that I do find a true adult breastfeeding partner who has the patience and focus to suckle for long periods and who has the desire to feed from me and consume my milk.”

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We’ll take our milk like this, thanks. Image: iStock

No health benefits

Despite the fanbase, there are no health benefits for an adult to drink breastmilk.

And certain diseases can be passed on, so people should be wary of who they’re partnering with.

Dr Sarah Steele, of the Global Health and Policy Unit, Queen Mary University of London,  warned of the dangers of human breastmilk in a 2015 paper published in the The Royal Society of Medicine.

She said: “No scientific study evidences that direct adult consumption of human milk for medicinal properties offers anything more than a placebo effect.”

This article originally appeared in The Sun and is republished here with permission.