Mother criticised for the baby name she has chosen for her son



Once a name is given to an adorable newborn it can be a bit easier for family and friends to bite their tongues if they don’t like the moniker.

But if a name is shared before the baby is born, people can be a lot quicker to judge!

That’s what this mum-to-be found out when she shared the “strange” name chosen for her unborn son with her family.

Aussie mum Jocelyn was left crushed after her too-honest family admitted they didn’t like the name she had picked her boy,.  So what is the name causing all this fuss?


She posted on the baby name website, Name Berry, about the criticism she received after choosing the name for her first child, due in November.


Choosing a baby name is even harder when family add their two cents. 

“We have picked the name Riggins Blaine. Blaine is his father’s middle name,” she wrote in a post.

“Since we’ve announced his name, several people have commented that Riggins is an ‘odd’ and ‘strange’ name.”

The expectant mum said the negative feedback made her “second-guess” the unique choice.

“It happens all of the time!”

But despite the hostile reaction, a baby expert has encouraged Jocelyn to stick with her unusual name.

“You’ve done all the hard work, and found the right name for your son,” they said.

“But when you joyfully share it with the world, they respond with a dismissive, ‘Meh’. Or worse.

“The bad news? It happens all the time. But that’s also the good news, because it reflects how varied the possibilities are for naming children in 2016.”

People criticise baby names ALL the time. 

She said unless you were a parent of very young children, or a primary school teacher, new mums and older parents weren’t usually aware of what counted as a ‘normal name’ in 2016.

The parenting guru explained that names such as Riggins, Ryder and Ryland are in fashion at the moment.

“Rest assured that while your son might never share his name with another Riggins, it won’t seem outlandish on the playground. Different? Yes – but only as different as every other kid’s name,” she explained.

“Remember that any name can lead to a negative reaction, and your best response is a smile, and a reminder that you love the name.”

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