Modern TV

name gender origin
Addison Boy English
Adriana Girl Hebrew
Ally Girl
Betty Girl English
Blair Girl Gaelic
Brandon Boy English
Bree Girl English, French
Buffy Girl American
Callie Girl Greek
Carrie Girl English
Charlotte Girl English
Conan Boy Irish
Daphne Girl Greek
Dave Boy
Dawson Boy English
Dharma Girl Sanskrit
Dylan Boy Welsh
Ellen Girl English
Felicity Girl English
Frasier Boy French
Grace Girl Latin
Isobel Girl
Leno Boy
Locke Boy English
Lorelai Girl
Meadow Girl English
Meredith Girl Welsh
Miranda Girl Latin
Monica Girl Latin
Niles Boy English, Scandinavian
Oprah Girl Hebrew
Pacey Boy English
Phoebe Girl Greek
Rachel Girl Hebrew
Raymond Boy English
Regis Boy Latin
Rory Girl Irish
Rosie Girl English
Ross Boy Scottish
Samantha Girl Hebrew
Sawyer Boy English
Serena Girl Latin
Sydney Girl French
Wilhelmina Girl German
Will Boy English

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These characters are from shows that we’re watching — tonight — Dawson, Betty, Buffy, Charlotte, Felicity, Raymond, Wilhelmina, Rosie and more

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