Little girl spells rude word in homework fail

Homework hilarity

Wait, was homework this weird when we were kids?

A primary school girl was asked to unscramble a group of three words and came up with this totally funny – and frankly, reasonable answer:


…and haven’t we all?

Mum’s pride

Luckily her mum – who goes, fittingly, by the name “Mental Sewage” on Reddit – had a sense of humour and shared it with the rest of us, in a post that’s since been viewed almost two million times. “I too have a daughter going places,” she said with understandable pride.

What was almost as funny as the commenters laughing over the “sh-“ word, was the people who were trying to figure out what the word was actually supposed to be.

“Sith!” insisted the Star Wars fans.

“Hits?” ventured one who wondered whether the sentence was supposed to come from the mouth of a drug dealer.

The answer, in case you’re still stuck on “We have sh-” (because once you’ve seen it it’s hard to unsee) is, “this”.

“We have this”.

Nope. Still think “sh-” makes more sense.