Kristin Cavallari : Her Labor Fears and Unusual Baby Name Inspiration

See a behind the scenes glimpse of Kristin Cavallari’s American Baby photo shoot. Cavallari dishes on baby name inspiration and how she thought her third child was going to be a boy!


[MUSIC] A pregnancy story that I’ll still be telling my kids is when we found out the sex of this baby. We had a 3D ultrasound and 100% we saw a ****. But now you can do a blood test. So about a week and a half later I get a phone call from the woman. And she says Said do you want to know the sex? And I said yeah, but we already saw a ****. We know it’s a boy. And she went actually, it’s a little girl. And I was like, what? Are you sure? [MUSIC] We get baby name inspiration just from random places. I saw Jackson with the spelling J-A X-O-N in a magazine and then our little girl name, I heard that at a baby store the owner had named her dog this name so now we’re very excited to use it. The one thing I will tell you not to do is to watch a birth before you have the baby. About a month before I had my first one, Camden, I watched a home birth on some app that I had. And it scared the you know what out of me. [LAUGH] I remember calling Jay and being like, [LAUGH] I physically cannot do this, there is no way a baby is coming out of me like that. [MUSIC]