Kid homework: creepy drawing for morbid question

A child who was given a worksheet to complete that asked her to draw what she would look like when she was 100 years old has certainly given her teacher a response they didn’t expect.

The tot drew a picture of a happy girl in a black dress in the ‘Draw how you look today’ box, but the sketch in the ‘draw how you think you will look when you are 100’ section was um, a tad different.

Let’s just say, despite all the possible technological advances in her lifetime, this little girl does not expect to live that long.


“At least she’s honest”

A user named HiptoBismol recently uploaded the funny homework piece to photo-sharing site Imgur, titling it “at least she’s honest”, and since then the picture has found its merry way around the internet – and we can see why.

Well,  her answer doesn’t surprise us. Kids are literal thinkers … and in a young girl’s head, 100 is pretty OLD!

We don’t think this is a homework fail by any stretch of the imagination – we think this young girl’s just a realist, who is most definitely wise beyond her years!