Is your child an auditory learner?


For some children, their sense of sound allows them to gather large volumes of information and have them processed accordingly. A child is most probably an auditory learner if he or she is good at listening to instructions and is very sensitive to variations in spoken words. They excel in gaining knowledge from conversations and lectures. Because listening requires more concentration than seeing, students of this learning style can be more discerning. They are usually more attentive in class and can distinguish different ideas just by listening to them.

Auditory learners

These types learn through listening to what others have to say and talking about what they’re learning. They’re also more likely to:

More about auditory learners

Auditory learners might look like they’re not paying attention when you talk to them but their listening skills are more developed than their visual skills.

Unlike other students, these kind of learners do not get bored easily with teachers who are fond of lectures. If your child is an auditory learner, he or she can also be creative and have an imaginative mind. Without relying heavily on visual models, auditory learners become skilled at interpreting information and reproducing them using their own understanding.