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Thinking of Irish baby names for your little one? Our list has plenty to choose from.


What’s in an Irish name? Irish names are rich with character. Honora is the honorable one. Finn means white, named for the king. Orla is the golden lady. Maeve is named for the intoxicating legendary queen. Declan means a man of prayer. Some Irish names are just like American names, but are spelled differently. Ciara is spelled Keira. Ria is spelled Ryan. Aofie. They can be traditional: Cullen, Liam, Oona, And modern too! Kelly, Shea, Colin, Emma, Connor, Sean, Finian, Reagan, Ronon, Maureen. Try an Irish surname. They work beautifully as first names. Like Malloy, Sullivan, or Riley. Now you know what’s in an Irish name! Some great Irish names are: Aine means “brightness,” and is the name of the Celtic goddess of summer. Caitlin is the Irish version of Catherine, means “pure.” Brenna means “raven,” has been a top 1000 baby name in the U.S. since the 1970s. Finola means “white shoulders.” Quinn means “Intelligence,” a unisex name. Talullah means “lady of abundance.” Moira is the Irish variant on Mary. Means “star of the sea.” Niamh means “bright, goddess,” a top 25 name in Ireland, pronounced “Neve.” Patrick means “Noble,” based on the legendary patron saint of Ireland (St. Patrick). Siobhan pronounced (shuh-VAHN) means “Good is gracious.” The Irish form of Joan. Sorcha means “shining.” Ciaran means “black-haired.” More commonly spelled Kieran in the U.S. Cormac means “tree trunk.” ancient royalty name in Ireland. Eamon is the Irish variant of Edmund. It means “wealthy protector.” Sullivan means “black-eyed.” A common surname in Ireland. Niall means “cloud,” name for several ancient Irish kings. McKenna means “son of the handsome one.” Garrett means “strong,” in the top 1000 names for more than a century. For more names, go to

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