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British baby name lists always have some cool trends to consider as you’re picking your baby’s moniker. When we last checked into the tops of the British charts, they had some pretty cool trends going on:

British Baby

– Nicknames make great official names. Names like Charlie, Alfie, Millie and Evie are red hot—more popular, even than the formal names like Charles and Millicent.

– The third time’s the charm. Brits get more than two chances to get the name right—giving a child two middle names is common.

– Old-fashioned names look new. Old-school classics like Arthur and Florence are red-hot in the UK right now.

– Character names are in vogue. British institutions like Harry Potter, Downton Abbey and Doctor Who have influenced the charts—the top name for boys is Harry (also the name of the young prince), and Amelia, the name of a recent companion on Doctor Who.

– Pick a pretty floral name. Poppy, Daisy and Jasmine were all in the top 50.

The “Es” have it. The top 10 boys’  names in the UK include Harry, Charlie, Alfie and Riley.

What do you think of the British baby name trends? Which ones would you consider for your son or daughter? If you’re still looking  for the perfect baby name, don’t forget to check out our Baby Name Finder. And I’d love to help you with your latest baby name dilemma—just send it to Happy baby name hunting!

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