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What’s behind an Indian name? Shriya, Sumera, Anipa, Priya, Shivani, Raj, Jaya, Kalinda, Dhani Deva, Devan, Chandra, Arjun, Darsha. A given Indian name is often followed by one or multiple patronyms. What’s a patronym? Glad you asked and no it’s not from Harry Potter! A patronym might be the castle, the occupation, the village one is from or an ancestor’s name. Fact: Names are often selected to honor family membrs or instill the child with certain attributes. In contemporary India names are often spiritual. Think of Uma Thurman. Uma is the name of a Hindu goddess. Names are also inspired by astrology. Fact: Many Hindus believe that heavenly bodies including the planets, have an influence throughout life. Ravi means sun. Think of Ravi Shankar. Chandra means goddess of the moon. Muslim names are quite popular too! Abisha means Gift of God and Zarif means elegant and graceful. So many Indian names to choose from so little time! Some great Indian names are Arjun menas “bright and shining.” Ashwin means “wealthy.” Devan means “little God” Dhani means “rich” Bina means “intelligence” Darsha means “vision” Deva means “shining one” another name for the moon goddess. Indira sanskrit word for “beauty,” Jaya means “victory.” For more names, go to

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