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When your baby is gassy, he may need some help to ease the pressure. Try one or all of these soothing steps to relieve baby’s gas.


Babies get gas pains when they take in too much air while feeding. Try one or all of these steps to bring your little one relief. Frequent burping is the best way to prevent discomfort. To burp your baby stand or sit comfortably, slightly reclining holding under her bottom with her chin resting on your shoulder. Position her so she’s leaning more on her right side which makes it easier for air bubbles to escape. Tap her across the shoulder blaze with the palm and fingertips of your free hand. If your baby starts getting fussy you can tell if gas is the culprit by thumping her stomach. A gassy belly will sound hollow. If this is the case try laying her on her back and gently moving her legs as if she’s pedaling a bicycle for a few minutes or until she seems more comfortable. Or simply tuck her knees into her stomach. Both motions help move the gas bubbles around. Relieving the pressure that’s causing her discomfort. Make tummy time a regular part of baby’s day. In addition to building upper body strength it can also alleviate gas. Some babies may object to being put on their stomachs at first but they generally grow to like it as they gain head control and grow stronger. Infant massage is another gas reliever. One popular method is I Love You strokes. Lay your baby in front of you and undo the taps on her diaper. Using light pressure run the knuckles of two or three fingers down baby’s left side from below the ribcage to the top of her hip. That’s the I. For the L, run your fingers below her ribcage from right to left then down the top of her left hip. Lastly, create a U beginning above the right hip, moving up her right side then across to her left side under her rib cage, and down her left side to the top of her hip. Your baby sees a U. Repeat the sequence several times. If the above remedies don’t ease baby’s discomfort over-the-counter gas reliever such as Mylicon drops can do the trick. Always consult with your doctor before using any type of medication and follow the directions on the package. Certain bottles such as Dr. Brown’s may also reduce the amount of the air your baby swallows during a feeding.

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