How to Make Painted Pumpkins | Parents

Kids can cut their own stencils from contact paper to make these pretty, painted pumpkin crafts.


-Hi. I’m Taryn Mohrman, Parents Lifestyle Editor. Nothing says Halloween more than a porch full of pumpkins and this year you can really impress your trick or treaters with these painted pumpkin projects. For this craft, we’ll need pumpkins, available at, assorted colors of acrylic paint, foam paint brushes, a thin paint brush, templates available at, contacts paper, craft paper and scissors. I’m gonna start with the Spider pumpkin. Just take your foam paint brush, dip it in a bright green acrylic paint, just generously apply it to the front of the pumpkin. When it’s completely covered, let it dry and then add the second coat so it’s nice and great. Meanwhile, print the Spider template, cut it out, trace it onto contact paper and the cut that out to create your stencil. So, peel off the backing and stick it right through your pumpkin. You wanna make sure that you start in the center and push it down to get any air bubbles out, and it’s nice on there. We’re gonna take your black paint and a foam brush and we’re gonna cover the whole pumpkin in paint. Go right over the stencil after add a second coat of paint, light your pumpkin dry completely then gently peel away the stencil to reveal a spooky spider. Take the [unk] on pumpkin in position for stencil around the top of your pumpkin. Add another strip directly below leaving about a half inch gap. Grab your paint brush and apply acrylic paint in between the two stencil lines. Let this coat to dry, add a second coat and then gently peel away the stencil to reveal your [unk] pumpkin. Last stuff, we have the argyle pumpkin. So, peel off the back and you’re gonna arrange these points to point. Once your templates are in place, we’re gonna apply paint to the entire pumpkin. Once you peeled of your stencils, you can use your thin paint brush to add the finishing touches to your argyle design. These are just three ways that you can dress up pumpkins with your kids, the paint, the stencils and a little imagination. Anything is possible.

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