How to Make Felt Heart Frame Glasses

Craft a pair of lovely specs for your kiddo this Valentine’s Day.

Heart Frame Glasses

what you’ll need

Felt Heart Frame Glasses Johnny Miller

glasses template (link below), thin Sharpie marker, one stiffened felt sheet, scissors, 1/4″ wide wood dowel, hot glue gun, 5 yards of yarn


make it



  1. Print the template, cut out the glasses shape and trace it onto the back of the felt with the marker.
  2. Cut the frames out of the felt. To cut out the eye holes, make a small slit with your scissors to start and then continue to cut out the hearts. Do not fold the felt, or it will crease permanently.
  3. Shorten the dowel for the handle (down to 12 inches) by scoring between the scissor blades then snapping.
  4. Wrap the glasses tab (marked on the template) around the dowel and secure with hot glue as you roll. Avoid excess glue close to the frames, or they will get discolored.
  5. Place a dot of hot glue on the dowel below the backside of the frame and secure the end of the yarn.
  6. Tightly wrap the yarn around the dowel, securing with a dot of hot glue every inch. Continue until you reach the bottom and secure with hot glue and cut the yarn.


  • Download the glasses template here.