How to Keep Up with Learning and Make It Fun During Summer


How to Keep Up with Learning and Make It Fun During Summer

It is hard enough to keep up with learning during the school year, much less make it any fun for your child or teen. Of course, the younger the child, the easier it is to make learning enjoyable. Once they get to a certain age, most children don’t view learning as fun, but as a chore and something that is sometimes hard to do.

So how can you keep up with learning and make it fun during the summer? For the younger set, it’s easier to make learning fun. You have all kinds of opportunities to do so. Here are some great tips!

Think Outside the Box

Your youngster has been cooped up all winter inside the classroom with lots of rules and don’ts. Why not make summertime a time for a little abandon and freedom? Let them get messy; let them have fun by pulling out a box of craft materials.

You can associate learning and counting with arts and crafts. How many beads does it take to make this necklace? What shapes are we using? Take out the glue and even the feathers and glitter and rhinestones. Talk about shapes and counting. Let the youngsters make summer-themed crafts or greeting cards to keep up with simple spelling and even poetry.

Go On an Adventure

What better way to make learning fun than to go on an adventure? Try to find seashells that have similarities and differences. Go on a hike to see if you can spot pine cones left over from winter. Look for a bird’s nest and examine how it is crafted. Dig for treasure at the beach and see what you can uncover.

Make Reading Fun

Once you have gone on a hiking or walking adventure, take time to go to the library and pick up some books about nature. Talk about the different shapes and types of leaves, the poison ivy to watch out for, and the pine cones and the seashells, too.

The Birds and the Bees, the Flowers and the Trees

Take some time to visit an arboretum and have your child learn about the different types of plants, trees, and shrubs grown there. Plant a small garden with your child and teach them the names of different types of flowers. Get a book on how bees help to keep the ecosystem running smoothly and what their true purpose really is (not just to sting us!).

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Keep It Simple

A little bit of old-fashioned fun goes a long way in summertime. How about some simple sidewalk chalk? Do some simple but colorful math equations right there in the driveway. Draw pictures of different nature scenes or practice your hopscotch skills.

Even cooking is a great way to help measure, mix, and count for smaller children. In everything you do this summer, look for a small but creative way to keep your young minds learning.