How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in His Crib | Parents

Ingrid Prueher, The Baby Sleep Whisperer, helps one exhausted mom get her baby to sleep in his crib (and explains how her method can work for your baby, too!).


My name is Ingrid Prewer and I used to work with the sharks on Wall Street. But now, I have a much tougher job. They call me the baby sleep whisperer. [MUSIC] I’m Marianna and this is my son, Channing. [SOUND] He is nine months now. When he was first born I started to put him in the crib and wake up once, twice, three times, four times a night And then I said, forget this. You’re going to sleep here with me. [SOUND] Hi! Hi! So nice to meet you. So talk to me a little about what’s happening for bedtime. After he nurses he actually he kind of falls asleep but if I attempt to put him down, he’ll wake up right away. I feel almost like a pacifier. So it’s really all you. Mm-hm. All the time. What would you actually like to see happen? I really would love to just put him down and say, see you later, Channing. Have a good nap. For him to independently fall asleep. I’m here to help, based on your parenting philosophy. There’s no right or wrong, there’s only safe. Okay. Right? Whether we’re gonna be safe in the crib, or safe in the bed, that’s the most important in helping him sleep as well as everybody else in the household. [MUSIC] Okay, let me show you the room. Wonderful. This is great. So would you mind showing me kind of like what the routine is for naps? I’ll come and I’ll sit down with him over here, and nurse. He will probably lay on me like this, and then when he’s asleep, I’ll put him over here. And so how is the railing working for you? So the rail has actually failed us He managed to flip over and fall. In order to bed share safely, you would actually need the mattress on the floor. If that railing didn’t even prevent him from falling over. Right. Then it’s important that we start looking at other locations for him to sleep in. So that you don’t have to worry. [MUSIC] So let’s start talking a little bit about the crib. No stuffed animals or pillows or blankets. Okay. Knowing that he’s not really used to using the crib Right? We want to make sure that we teach it to him in a way where it’s not going to be so incredibly abrupt. You can bring him into the crib and then you can sit here while you allow him to play. The moment he starts getting upset you’re going to walk over and you’re going to hug him. So, He’s gonna be standing right like this, let’s say. And then you’re just gonna hug him. And shh. If he’s not crying, there’s no need to come hug him. Then just walk back to the bed and sit on the bed. Don’t look at him, don’t talk to him because he’s gonna look for engagement. It’s like the day he starts riding a bike. He’s gonna have his helmet. He’s gonna have his pads, but you’re gonna need to let go. It’s gonna be scary, but he’s gonna do it and you’re gonna know that he’s able to do it. Sounds amazing. In the long term, he’s gonna become an amazing sleeper. [MUSIC] Over the next few weeks, Maria implemented the hug it out method. And slowly but surely, Channing started to embrace sleeping in his crib. We’re having dinner, as you can see, because Channing is sleeping. You can see right there, [LAUGH] Channing is asleep. On his own, in his crib. Thank you, Lord, things are looking really good and really promising.

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