How to Create a Homework Space

How to Create a Homework Space (1)

If your child is like most, doing homework can be a chore. Not only do they fall off the wagon after being in school all day long, doing homework is also the last thought on their minds.

Most children and teens especially develop bad homework and study habits, from listening to music to texting while doing homework. The best thing you can do as a parent is set them up early on for success.

Having a work space especially for homework is a great way to get the homework done, quickly and efficiently.

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Pick Your Space

The first step is, of course, to pick your space. It is important to note your child’s learning style. For some, being in the center of the action is the best place for them to do their work. Some children learn better and do homework faster while being in the middle of a little bit of activity.

In contrast, if your child needs lots of quiet and to be away from the center of activity, then creating a work space in the family room or den may not be optimal for that particular child.

You can set up your homework space in a bedroom, den, family room, or even in the basement. Whatever you do, match your child up with his or her learning style and pick the space that is best for him or her.

Make It Fun

Once you have chosen the area for the homework space, make sure to incorporate some fun elements into it as well. If the desk is facing a wall, then put up colorful posters or positive images that your child chooses. Studies show that having positive images creates a positive mindset. Examples of this are images of nature or beautiful scenery, as well as your child’s favorite movie character or hero.

Incorporate some color into the mix too. Don’t make your child’s work space bland and boring. Add some vibrant colors to stimulate the mind. Studies also show that certain colors impact the brain in different ways. Some colors are soothing while others are stimulating.

Organize It

After picking your space and your colors, make sure you have enough tools on hand for organizational purposes. Being organized is one of the most important keys to successful studying and doing homework.

If you give your child the tools to be organized early on, chances are that it will be a habit they continue on with later in life.

Get Their Input

Get your child’s input in the project instead of just doing it yourself. Let them pick some colors, posters, tools, and materials and have some say in where they want their homework space to go.

In this manner, they will feel more inclined to do their homework and study.

So, there you have it! A few creative ways to get that work space ready before back-to-school time hits once again.