How to Bathe Twins

Giving two babies a bath can be quite a challenge, but these tips can make bathing twins easier.

How to Bathe a Baby

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    Ask for help. Supervising two babies in the tub is a lot of work (doing it with one can be hard!), so don’t go it alone. Give the kids a bath when your spouse, babysitter, or a grandparent is around to help. In this case, four hands are better than two!

    Rotate bath night. There’s no rule that you have to give your twins a bath on the same night — especially if you do have to do it alone. Instead, give one child a bath on one night, and the other child the next. On the weekends, you can bathe them together when your spouse is around to help.

    Skip the bath before bed. If it’s easier for you to bathe the twins during the day — whether it’s because you have help or simply more energy to take on the task — then do just that. The goal is to make it as stress-free as possible, so do what works for you.

    Think outside the box. Instead of a regular baby bathtub, think about using bath seats that suction to the bottom of the tub (these work best when the babies can hold their heads up and even sit up on their own). This will keep your hands free for washing and rinsing. Some parents have even used laundry baskets or inflatable bathtubs that easily fit both babies (again, this works when they can sit up on their own).

    Make it easier… with a detachable shower head. This is especially helpful when washing their hair and rinsing soap off the body.

    Set up the changing station early. Get what you need for after the bath (diapers, lotion, pajamas, etc.) ready beforehand, preferably right next to the tub. You can put two changing pads on the floor, with towels over them. When you take one baby out of the tub, you can immediately put him down and wrap him the towel, and then get the other baby out without worrying about either rolling off a changing table.

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