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Is it time to get rid of some of your child’s playthings? This system will ensure that the right toys are tossed.


[MUSIC] When your child’s toys are busting out of their bins and slowly taking over the play room, it may be time to toss a few. Use this smart system and parting with play things will be less traumatic for you and your child. When sorting through your child’s toys, you should donate any duplicates that your child has. You don’t need more than one memory game. You don’t need more than one Monopoly. Stuffed animals have a way of reproducing. Only keep the ones that your child truly loves. And beware of large toys, toys like a train table or a kitchen that take up a lot of floor space. Kids can be surprisingly philanthropic, and you really have the most leverage around your birthday or holidays. I suggest that you tell your child that they need to make room for new toys, and that in the process they can give their toys to a little boy or girl who might not have anything. You want to apply a 24 hour rule to party favors and other junky toys. You don’t want those toys to distract your child from all the beautiful educational toys you actually want him or her to play with. Sometimes you really need to manage family members, so when they ask what your child wants for his or her birthday or for the holiday, be prepared with an answer. And suggest experiences over things. There’s nothing better than a day at a baseball game or a Broadway show to create lasting memories for your child. [MUSIC]

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