Harvest These Fun Fall Baby Shower Ideas


Leaf Pile Invitations

When you create invitations for your fall-themed baby shower, take advantage of the silk, paper and fabric leaves you can find at crafts stores this time of year. Use spray adhesive or crafts glue to attach the leaves on large blank invitation cards in a random pattern to resemble a pile of leaves. Use a gold or copper metallic paint pen to write the party information on smaller blank invitation cards. Attach the smaller cards to the larger, leaf-covered cards by placing foam adhesive squares between them.

Rake It In

To keep your food on theme, use fall harvest foods as much as possible. Serve savory squash soup in pumpkin bowls that you can create easily by hollowing out small pumpkins. Adorn the food table with the bounty of the season, like warm, crusty bread, plum pudding and roast turkey finger sandwiches. Bake a delicious apple pie instead of serving the traditional sponge cake. Or if you don’t want to stray too much from tradition, turn this Cherry Pie Birthday Cake Design into an Apple Pie Cake.

Autumn Accents

You can find leaf garlands, pinecone wreaths, tableware, cute signs and all things autumn at your local crafts store. Fall decorations are easily customized to suit a baby shower by making a few easy adjustments. For example, just attach foam letters on a leaf garland to spell out “It’s a Girl,” or hot-glue tiny baby bottles on a pinecone wreath.

Baby Shower Fest

Create fall baby shower games by tweaking a few you already know and love. Instead of having a race to see who can diaper a balloon the fastest, have your guests race to diaper small pumpkins or squash. Instead of everyone wearing baby pins or ribbons that they lose if they say the word “baby,” have guests wear silk or fabric leaves. The person who notices that someone has said the forbidden word will get that person’s leaf, and the person who has the most leaves by the end of the shower wins a prize. For free games that you can download and print, visit our Baby Shower Games page.

Cozy Gifts

This time of year, you can find a wide selection of adorable baby outfits, shoes, pajamas and blankets that will keep the new bundle of joy warm and cozy through fall and winter. To make sure the new mom’s home smells more like mulberries and spice than diapers and spit-up, pick out a few scented wax melts and a wax-melt warmer for her to use.