Giving Birth: What To Bring to the Hospital | Parents

Rosie Pope shares a few key items you won’€™t want to be without on delivery day.


When it’s time to go the hospital, will you have everything you need? I’m Rosie Pope and I have a few surprise suggestions about what to pack. These are my must-haves in the hospital; a pair of inexpensive flip-flops. After delivering a baby, the last thing you want to do is bend over and put on some shoes. These are great and easily slipping on to your feet and there are must-have for the hospital shower. Let’s just say, it doesn’t feel that clean. Another frequently overlooked item is a cellphone charger. You want to make sure you have a fully-charged phone for snapping photos, recording video and sharing happy news with you family and friends. Also on my list is a white-noise machine or small fan. It’s really hot to sleep in a hospital where people coming in and out at all hours of the day and you’ll definitely want to rest when the baby sleeps. And sometimes, you might even have to share your room. Hopefully, you’ll have your bag packed ready for the hospital plenty of time before you need to go. But one other thing that’s a good idea is to being an empty bag. You’ll want to bring it home full of other gifts from visitors and any of the freebies the hospital might be able to give you. Also, stick an empty folder inside so you’ll have a safe place for all the hospital paperwork that you’ll need to bring home with you including your little one’s footprints.

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